Engineer Credits


Artemis Pyle Band - "Blue Sky"  (Engineer, Mixing)

Alexa Rose- "Low and Lonesome" (Engineer, Tracking)

Andrew Reed - "Opium Den Demarkation" (Engineer, Mixing)

Andrew Reed - "Space Apaches Smokin' Voyages" (Engineer, Mixing)

Big Something - "Tumbleweed" (Engineer, Mixing)

Black Robin Hero- Caroline" (Engineer, Mixing)

Corey Hunt Band - “The Tower” (Engineer, Producer)

Daves Highway - “Brand New Day”  (Engineer, Mixing)

Daves Highway - "An Acoustic Christmas" (Engineer, Mixing)

Daves Highway- "Live at the Altamont" (Engineer, Mixing)

Devils in Dust- "Devils in Dust" (Engineer, Tracking)

Eric Bachmann - "Eric Bachmann"  (Engineer)

HBO- Animals "Turkeys" (Engineer)

Jim Arrendell- “Live at the Isis” Video (Engineer, Mixing)

John McVey - “Meet Me in Houston” (Engineer)

Keys N Krates- Moog Sound Lab

River Whyless- "NPR Session" (Engineer, Tracking)

The Broadcast- “Echo Sessions” Video (Engineer)

The Carousers- "The Carousers" (Engineer, Mixing)

The Get Right Band- "NPR Session" (Engineer, Tracking)

Through The Fallen - “Eternal Divide” (Engineer, Mixing)

Time Sawyer - “One House Down” (Engineer, Mixing)

Too Native-  “Old Homes”  (Engineer)

Total War- “Moog Aha Event”  (Engineer)

Whiskey Gentry - "Record 3"  (Engineer)

Genevieve- “Human Again” Single (Vocal Engineer)

Jaggermouth - “Synthetic Me” (Vocal Engineer)


Assistant engineer credits


Widespread Panic - "Street Dogs" (Assistant Engineer)

Aaron Woody Wood - "Hard Times" (Assistant Engineer)

Caleb Caudle- "Paint Another Layer on My Heart" (Assistant Engineer)

Dancing Heals - "You Will Never Be Younger Than You Are Now" (Assistant Engineer)

Dega. - “Dega” (Assistant Engineer)

Dirty White Lies - “Dirty White Lies” (Assistant Engineer)

Film Strip- “Moments of Matter” (Assistant Engineer)

The Honeycutters - “Oh Me Oh My” (Assistant Engineer)

Kree Harrison - “This Old Thing” (Assistant Engineer)

Monster Truck - “Furiousity” (Assistant Engineer)

Monster Truck- “Sittin' Heavy” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Nikki Talley - “Out From The Harbor” (Assistant Engineer)

Phil Cook - “Southland Mission” (Assistant Engineer)

Steep Canyon Rangers - “The Asheville Symphony Sessions” (Assistant Engineer)

Steep Canyon Rangers - “Chobani Superbowl Commercial” Video (Assistant Engineer)

The Broadcast - “Dodge The Arrow” (Assistant Engineer)

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown – “Wild Child” (Assistant Engineer)

Manchester Orchestra- (Assistant Engineer)

Mark Petaccia- (Assistant Engineer)

Jordan Lehning- (Assistant Engineer)

Paul McDonald- (Assistant Engineer

Bernard Purdie- (Assistant Engineer)

Danny Kadar- (Assistant Engineer)

Jon Ashley- (Assistant Engineer)

Evan Bradford- (Assistant Engineer)

Eric Ratz- (Assistant Engineer)

Young & Rubicam- (Assistant Engineer)

Leo Burnett- (Assistant Engineer)

Cyrus Chestnut- (Assistant Engineer)

Redd Kross- (Assistant Engineer)

Blackberry Smoke- (Assistant Engineer)

Ben Sollee- (Assistant Engineer)

Ben Lovett- (Assistant Engineer)

Band of Skulls- (Assistant Engineer)

Dumpstaphunk- (Assistant Engineer)

John Keane- (Assistant Engineer)

Alex Anders- (Assistant Engineer)

Dirty Dancing TV Movie- (Assistant Engineer)


Shannon Sanders- (Engineer, Tracking)

Laura Reed- (Engineer, Tracking)

HBO Sports- (Engineer, Tracking)

Merge Records- (Engineer, Tracking)

Eric Serafin- (Engineer, Tracking/Editing)

BJ Leiderman- (Engineer, Tracking/Editing)

Jaime King- (Engineer, Tracking)

Les Hall- (Engineer)

Kellin Watson- (Engineer, Tracking)

Random House Publishing- (Engineer, Tracking)

Michael Selverne- (Engineer, Tracking)

Mike Ashworth- (Engineer, Tracking/Mixing)

Vic Stafford- (Engineer, Tracking)

Charlton Pettus- (Engineer, Tracking)

Aaron Sterling- (Engineer, Tracking)