Daytrotter is recognized by music fans and critics alike as an incredible source of music. The great thing about Daytrotter sessions is that they are done with minimal microphones and effects, and the recordings are all completely live! Says the Daytrotter website, "...what you hear is what happened in the room that day." During Asheville's first Moogfest in 2010, a handful of artists came to Echo to record Daytrotter sessions with us, including MGMT, DJ Spooky, Dan Deacon, Floating Action, and more. Check out the Daytrotter website to listen to these awesome sessions!

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Greensky Bluegrass
Greensky Bluegrass
For more than a decade and a half, the members of Greensky Bluegrass have created their own version of bluegrass music, mixing the acoustic stomp of a stringband with the rule-breaking spirit of rock & roll. They redefine that sound once again with their sixth album, Shouted, Written Down & Quoted.

Released on the band's label, Big Blue Zoo, Shouted, Written Down & Quoted kicks off with "Miss September," a song that splits its focus between Hoffman's mid-tempo melodies and the band's instrumental solos. Most of the album's tracks strike a similar balance, showcasing a group whose vocal hooks and flat-picking skills share the spotlight equally. Meanwhile, the guys stretch their legs on "Living Over" — an improvised, seven-minute knockout that's already become a live staple — and show surprising restraint with "While Waiting," a slower song whose ebb-and-flow arrangement often finds no more than two bandmates playing at once. "Room Without a Roof" features some of the group's most layered production to date, with electric instruments adding some thick sonic padding, while "More of Me" cranks up the drama, with Hoffman singing about heartache over a bed of minor-key guitar arpeggios.

Equal parts dark, driving, and dynamic, Shouted, Written Down & Quoted is Greensky Bluegrass at their best, fusing the fiery fretwork of their live shows with the focus of a true songwriting outfit.
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